The creation of this website has been a long time coming, a journey that intertwines with my personal evolution in knowledge and philosophy.

My political awakening started around 2007 when I was in my early 30s, newly married, having transitioned from the military, and settling into family life. Returning from a nearly two-year stint in Iraq as a civilian contractor, this “coming of age” period significantly sparked my interest in politics, though I wouldn’t have considered myself a profound political thinker at that time.

My first real engagement with politics was during the 2008 election. Initially identifying as a neo-conservative, my overseas experiences and insights from Congressman Ron Paul while he was running for President, led me to reconsider my political ideology. Even so, I ended up voting for John McCain, seeing him as the lesser of two evils. But this experience marked a turning point, and I committed never to compromise my principles for a vote. After the election, I embarked on a journey toward libertarianism, a subject I might delve into in a future blog post.

This part of my life sets the stage for my observation of a shift in the country’s political landscape. It seemed a subtle but influential force was pushing the nation further to the left, feeling less like a grassroots movement and more like a lurking entity waiting for the right moment.

Given my military background and long-standing interest in military history, I decided to explore revolutionary tactics and strategies, trying to understand how Marxist revolutionaries and similar groups come to power. I delved into military manuals discussing low-intensity conflicts and guerrilla warfare, striving to comprehend these groups’ organizational structure and tactics. This research went on for several years, even inspiring me to create a video based on a PowerPoint presentation on counterinsurgency warfare shared with me years earlier by a former instructor at the JFK Special Warfare Center. the video was titled “Insurgency – A Blueprint” in March 2012 on a now-defunct YouTube channel.

As time went on, I began to notice a pattern in unfolding events and shifted my focus to devising strategies to counter this trend rather than just labeling it. My political involvement increased in 2014, and moving forward I worked closely with political candidates at local, state, and national level leading up to the 2020 elections. The government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic crystallized my belief that we were losing a war that I had been pondering for years, making electoral politics seem like a lost cause at his stage of the conflict.

In late 2021, I met up with a lifelong friend who shared my sentiment. He presented me with a model he was developing, a contemporary interpretation of the “Resistance Pyramid” created by the Special Operations Research Office in 1966.

Original Version of the Resistance Pyramid 1966

Original Version of the Resistance Pyramid 1966

Original Version of the Resistance Pyramid 1966

Updated Version of the Resistance Pyramid 2013

He correlated recent events with the different tiers of the pyramid. This connection reignited my interest in my previous research, leading me to revisit my insurgency theory. Finding a thread on a communist subreddit with intriguing parallels confirmed that I was on the right path.

This website is a testament to these discoveries and an attempt to document and structure this research. I hope it is a valuable resource for others navigating similar quests for information.